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A Guide to Act 264 for Families and Caregivers

Also known as Coordinated Services Planning!

Do you need help coordinating your child's services?

What is Act 264?

It’s a Vermont law that covers children who:

  • Have a physical, emotional or learning disability AND
  • Get services from both the Agency of Human Services (AHS) and Agency of Education (AOE)

What does it do?

It makes sure the services they get through AHS and AOE are coordinated.

How can it help my family?

If your child is eligible under Act 264, you’ll get:

  1. One person to call to coordinate and communicate about the services your child gets.  No more calling 10 different people!
  2. A Parent Representative to help you through the process. This is a person who knows what you’re going through because they’ve been there.

How does it work?

  1. Tell one of your service providers that you want your services coordinated under Act 264. This will get things started. You can also reach out to your Local Parent Representative.
  2. Someone will organize a meeting that includes:
    • Your family members
    • People you want to bring for support
    • Professionals working with your family
  3. During the meeting, you’ll work on a Coordinated Services Plan. This will include discussing:
    • Your hopes and goals for your child
    • Strengths, resources and supports that can help you achieve these goals
    • Needs, challenges, concerns and priorities that must be considered
    • Current supports and services that help
    • Proposed plan of supports and services
  4. One of the professionals working with your family will be designated as the main point person.

For easy to understand information about CSPs you can refer to: